Self control and research laboratory

Our laboratory "analysis, quality and control" analyses the produced lard with the intent to ensure the respect of all the law’s parameter provided for the regulation according to the HACCP plan.

“The laboratory is equipped with a separate section of microbiology, thanks to which we are not only able to perform chemical analyses, but also research at a microbiological level.”

Each batch of raw material in the inlet, and outgoing fuse fat is analysed to ensure a capillary control and, Therefore a very high quality standard.

RPgrassi Alimentari takes advantage of the decades-year experience of Dr. SSE Marta Baldinini (master degree in veterinary medicine) and Elisa Taddia (Master degree in Food Science and technology) for a constant research and development activity, continuing to offer news and products highest quality.

Chromatographic test, capable of returning the exact composition of the analyzed materials.

Authentic image of our equipped laboratory. Dr. SSA Elisa Intent to analyse the production batches.