We have produced natural Lard and fat for baking and confectionery since 1980.

and Pure
Pork Lard

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Natural and Pure Pork Lard

Dorì Lard

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Dorì Lard


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Emulsified Lard

Fats production


Restaurants and catering products, bakery products, friyng products, bakery and confectionery, palm oil production, pork lard production - RP Grassi.

RP Grassi Alimentari, fats and emulsifiers producers may offer:

The use of mild technology, i.e. low temperature fusion, enables to process raw materials, coming from highly selected Italian slaughterhouses and workshops with EEC approval, maintaining unchanged the natural proprieties and obtaining a product with high stability and nutrition.

Here, the products are made with the spirit of that time: lard without chemical additives and with no preservatives, but obtained only by pig body fat stewed melting.